I was just wanting to share some of the more profound and unusual things that I have experienced during meditation, and since I have started.

Visuals. I normally close my eyes when I meditate so most this is behind closed eyes. I always notice a circle of intense purple light. It kind of pulsates. Well, its not solid, it seems to be made of tiny pinpricks of this light. It forms a circle, fades then repeats. Sometimes I see faint outlines of shapes. Like a black 3d image almost. Sometimes buildings, sometimes people, but never in much detail. I had one experience where I watched a sideways oval (except it was pointy on the ends not rounded) open in a very strange way...like it had many translucent layers opening in succession. Inside it was very bright and I could not make out what was inside because it was only there for a moment. I've also been "in between" thoughts as I saw it put on deepak chopras website. Where you have no thoughts and you don't even realize this has happened until you snap out of it.

Some different sensations I have had are just twitches and itches, seem to happen as soon as I begin to drift away from my "busy thoughts".

I have noticed a change so far. I am more observent of the beauty around me. I feel more in touch with things. I have more of a sense of peace. But I find myself wanting to delve deeper into what I am capable of. I can actually compare it to someone dying of thirst and then being handed a glass of cool water.

I am usually by myself at work and find myself slipping into my thoughts, pondering the how's and why's and what its of the universe. I sometimes will even go to the bathroom to get a ten minute meditation in so my mind is not so all over the place. I recently had an odd experience. I was working by myself and was looking at a cardboard box. I touched it, felt its energy and thought " we are all made of the same energy but put together differently. If that is the case what is stopping me from melding together with this box? The collective consciousness... That simple. If every single person in the world was to "wake up" right now think of what we would be capable of..." After pondering this for a moment I went to the bathroom to meditate this time with my eyes open. I could see my reflection on the back of the stall and I let my eyes relax. I saw some insane stuff just then. I want to share but its so hard to describe... I saw so many faces flash over my face, a liqid kind of energy surrounding me. It was hard to pull myself out of this state. when I came out and looked in the mirror I began to cry. Happy cry, as if I have never seen this person before but I knew them and missed them. It was me, it wasn't me. It was so strange, but amazing. I was so in awe of everything. I was happy, that's the closest word I can think of to describe it. It was a new emotion, or one I haven't felt often. Oddly I got comments as I was leaving work that my voice sounded different, more feminine. Not sure if that had anything to do with it bit it was odd timing....

Please share your experiences! OR if you could help me sort through mine please do.

Love light and blessings