psychiatric disorder

Hello there. I hope everyone is doing great.

I have a question today.
How can mental health be described spiritually?

In my opinion, someone who's said to be bipolar, for example, is bipolar by facts and then by choices.

I mean, I dont think they function as someone who isnt diagnosed with the same mental illness but, to me, they could get to a peaceful set of mind on their own. if they really want to. no?

maybe that mental handicap is part of someone's own challenge?

Someone very close to me is Bipolar.
Their energy and way of thinking is beyond contagious. They suck peoples energy.
Ive even acknowledge from this person that they are dependent from their mental disorder.
I mean, everything bad - how they react, what they consume, how they talk, how they could get to highs(forgetting their values) and down(suicidal and all) for example - they believe it happens because of their illness.
They then get very lazy to either transform their emotions and actions to healthy and positive ways because it is easier to put everything on the illness fault, not theirs basically. Instead, they trust medications.

I often tell this person that her handicap is something and she is something else (in ones body, mind and soul of course) I tell her that she's dependant of being bipolar and that she could break those chains, naturally. But no success.

Maybe im wrong. Im not saying that breaking those chains are easy. no at all. Its just like the process of a spiritual awakening and growing Angel not easy to face all our darkness at first.

Back to my question. How do you or how, spiritually talking, can we describe mental health and the connection it has with the invisible world?

I dont know why. i might never get the answer either. but I meet horrible people. Lately, (away from home, lucky me) ive met a psychopath. a reaaal one. A psycho psychopath. Someone that has zero empathy, zero emotions. An intense manipulator and alllll that you can imagine. A future killer probably, still in his beginning 20s..

Can a psychopath change? Why are they that way?
Do they nourish their desires to make fun of people and see them suffering by being evil? With evil help? Are they like close to these bad entities by being who they are?

I believe at a certain point you get to know who you are, how you are, and you choose. free will. to rather help yourself, in those case, or follow the darkness.

What do you guys think?
 - S  
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Hello lunabee, good to hear from you again.

But, my oh my, what a question you have posed. I hope it will attract attention and I sincerely ask anyone who can contribute, to do so.

Coincidence or what?  As lunabee was posting this item, I was arriving back in my house from a consultation with a psychologist.
I had thought I was showing early signs of dementia, but I am assured that it is my age that is showing and mentally, I am Ok.

That aside, it is a profound question but one I know little about. In discussion with others I have heard it suggested that in some cases of mental illness, there can be an intermittently disjointed connection between lower self/soul and physical host body. 
Also that in the condition we call dementia, whilst there may be a deterioration in the physical, cellular components of the brain, it is possible that the lower self/soul, having awareness of that condition, again intermittently, absents itself.

I repeat, this is only in discussion and I am hopeful that there are others in our Group who will have more information.
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Hi Lunabee,
Thanks for asking the group.

It's not easy to say what goes in the psychopath mind.
Some things you said though could be so right. Sometimes I think some and if not many of them like their condition.
Maybe because they get some privileges in the society, they get a "Let go" in certain circumstances... , who knows Smile

Spirituality, I think that it's to do with their thinking process. And it's really like they have accepted that disorder after some time.
It could also be due to a possession, maybe some spirit controlling their nature. Because no one in his right mind would accept such a state.

But to be bipolar, well..... that's not really madness, that's not the end of the world. The person is still aware of himself in most cases. He can do some efforts. Make some changes. Change is not that easy, but working towards it is a step anyone can take.

Hopefully we will get some kind of insight around this matter the more members will answer to this.
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I am bipolar, was for 27 years on anti dep and meds, but i am clean of medication almost 4 years now, it was bad before the age of 24 i attempted suicide 6 times, i even shot myself with a .22 rifle hehe, stupid.

I still live through the highs and the lowes, sometime it a very big gap, mentally and emotionally,

Self Mastery is a big part of spirituality, my thinking come and goes and so does my emotions, by practising meditation and (letting go technique) and also when things go really bad, i focus on the present, and stay in the present moment.

i do not have the answers for your friend, i only know what works for me, and how i cope.

i think to me mental health spirituality is a mind attuned to the higher self
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your question is how can mental health be can described spiritually well mental health can effect your spiritual life you thinking and at times you can not seem to help it do to a chemical balance in your brain being off, and however sometimes it is do to poor health believe me yes I know at times theirs times when you are around someone with a disorder it just seems like its draining because of the way they are towards you... you just got to understand why its okay, and why you should be nice I have a grandmother that has all sorts off metal illness so like I said I understand however I have overcome somethings my self because I have had a lot of depression anxiety thoughts and feelings that should not be there........
you have to come to an understanding that are thoughts emotions energies anything you can think of that makes us up
as beings makes us who we are today you just have to learn how to let go of the horrible thoughts that way down on you and face who you are.....
The connection between the spiritual realm and are mental health is not that far think of it like this we have certain things we do each and everyday like thinking feeling moving its like every dimension coming together allowing us to do
what we do everyday so on forth it goes as well with what we call the spiritual realm with a probably many higher dimensions its comes down to what makes us up are bodies are the vehicles of what we truly are how are minds are effected on this journey whether it be are genetics our something that has happened to us in the past it effects us it blocks a side of us that is not able to truly shine the way it needs to be its always up to the person to make the decision to help them self you can take a horse to water but you cannot make him drink it..

can psychopaths change? yes they can how ever everything that has ever happened to them made them who they are today that is why you must come to an understanding of them because first you just got to love its not there fault if you were born just as that person with the same look same everything you would be just like them the only way they can change is if they make that change the best thing to do is to just be friendly somehow just do not let them use you tho......
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I think it is a complicated issue mental health and it's connection within an individual.  I think we are all born with a unique blueprint..( created by our karmic circumstances we are bringing into a life and what we choose to work on in this lifetime) we are evolving beings to me - evolving on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of our being.  I don't think we take in the complete energetic picture of who we are as Souls into every physical incarnation.  Sometimes there are imbalances of theses different fields of who we are as personalities in any one lifetime. These imbalance between mental and emotional and our soul are not attuned and aligned ( or have we chosen in that lifetime that they will be)... theses imbalances can cause mental imbalances in the personality.   Some people who have them can work through them others may not be able to in their lifetime.  What we do with what we brought in can help or hinder us further...  I don't think mental imbalances are evil or something like that but lessons...karmic lessons.
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This can be a somewhat complex subject...
Firstly...because psychologists are ignorant of the actual make up, or constitution, of a human being... they are groping in the dark for answers, which they will never arrive at with their largely physicalistic belief and understanding of a human being.
There is, therefore, no clear reasoning for sociopathic or psychopathic or bipolar behaviour...despite the fact that psychologists assert that these differences are clear.  I am not going to attempt to give an answer to this, from a psychological point of view, because I am not a psychologist, and, because, the real answers actually lie in the levels of consciousness that we as individuals operate in.

Secondly...because as we advance consciously we will find that these so called ‘disorders’ start to manifest different ideas, different causes in our minds, and they will change as our knowledge of reality advances...until finally we are able to understand that these disorders are nothing more, or nothing less than hiccups in our ‘spiritual’ growth.  We will find that different people have different ways of dealing with these ‘disorders’, as well as different ways of dealing with the people who manifest these ‘disorders’.

The most important thing to understand when we say we are on a ‘spiritual path’ is the fact that we are not actually on a different path to others who we might think are not on a ‘spiritual’ path...because life from the barbarian stage to the causal stage is all ‘spiritual’...if you like it or is simply a growth from a lesser consciousness, and hence lesser a higher consciousness, and hence more control.

The truth of the matter is that they are not ‘disorders’...they are simply a lack of knowledge of reality, which causes them/us to think and act differently to what humans have decided is normal/moral...and this even applies to murderers and other criminal activities.

Now...the majority of humans are conscious in three levels...the physical, the emotional and the mental...there are higher levels but we will leave those for now. Suffice it is to say that all humans have one goal, and that is to advance to the next higher level which is causal consciousness, after which we ‘graduate’ into the next higher kingdom, known as the essential kingdom, where we no longer will be considered human...a very long way to go yet, I might add.

At this point in our consciousness evolution most humans operate more in the emotional level, and this is the level in which most of our repulsive ‘disorders’ come from. Emotions have 7 levels of manifestation, starting at the lower repulsive levels, and gradually moving higher to the attractive levels. Everyone has experienced these emotional levels and feelings can be nice or just plain nasty...a common trait of bipolar people is their inability to control the level of emotions they manifest...psychopaths usually operate in the lower repulsive levels. The irony of the situation is that some may even label some psychopathic when they are consistently nice...Smile

The art of controlling repulsive psychopathic or bipolar behaviour is to train the mental consciousness to control the emotional consciousness. Of course the emotional and mental levels are intertwined largely, but only mental reasoning, using truth and reality, can correctly control the powerful emotional feelings in our lives.

If I can be of service to anyone please ask...
Peace to all.
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There is no black and white with this. Everyone is different. These things have to be assessed individually.
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Id like to thank you all for your answers and sharing your personal experiences.
it is quite a complex subject. I think they would be much to say about it.

The psychopath part is for sure one of big interest for me. I mean, I wish I could know what happens in their mind.
Psychopath are constantly looking for a pray to psychologically or physically hurt to nourish themselves.. how is that. I dont know..

It is hard to answer this question.
 - S  
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Greetings lunabee,

Your question today of… 'How can mental health be described spiritually?'

I would probably give the person who is dealing with this experience a blessing. They are not only learning themselves through the experience, but are serving others in their learning, those who are trying to understand and deal with the implications mental health has everyone.

I have posted… ‘Entities/Spirit intrusions’ to possibly shed some light on the subject of mental health. Not covered in the other post are many of the reasons how the entities gain control of their host. One main reason is ‘Divide and conquer’ a technique the military try to use in weakening their opponent. This is accomplished through influencing their host to socially withdrawal from family and friends; simply creating dissensions among-st everyone, planting false thoughts and fears and in doing so eventually there is a decline in social relationships. Escapism seems to be the best alternative.

With fearful thoughts and their socially withdrawal leaves nothing to indicate any sign of human physical contact or companionship, it isn’t long before the host isn’t unable to sleep through the night. Only with their our thoughts, or are they their own thoughts; loneliness, depression can set in, a neglect of basic personal hygiene, shift in basic personality and eventually they might be suddenly prone to self-harm. 

Yes, I’d bless them for their role in going through this experience and that includes you Gerhard. You’ve had first hand experience and I am so glad you came through it. With your insights and posts and responses you write on MSG is an example of your spirituality shining through your experiences with mental health. Bless you and all of those souls dealing with mental health issues.
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