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world helpers future observations

Hello All,

I feel compelled to write on my recent observations. 

What is OUR the goal. What is human kind aiming for? what will come to be, based on the will of humans? 

There may be a consensus among us that the idea of sustainable energy technology implementation and care for the Earth will be main goals of the future. Some are pursuing this but it by no means means that these topics lie in the will of the majority of humans. 

Female energy. The world has been imbalanced in the past due to mans suppression of woman energy. This is not an opinion and I am not trying to be the "guy" who brings up gender. (This observation has been made on MSG before (i believe)).  But the increase of feminine energy has already helped the world monumentally and is responsible for the widespread changes in how oppressed groups such as homosexual, transgender, and woman are treated.  Furthermore, The feminine energy is also responsible for unveiling some of the evils in religions like Catholicism that were "hidden" in plain sight such as the widespread child molestation phenomenon among priests. Also, (last one sorry) woman are fighting to reduce and create awareness of sexual assault. This has been happening in almost every culture.  (Notably woman of the country of India have been working in this area) 

The woman energy is also becoming a strong factor in governments all over the world. It is critical that these changes are noted upon. And that female energy needs to be in balance with male energy to reach a desired harmony (and it is still not balanced). One of the keys for the future is to allow this balancing to occur. It could also be said that the force behind climate change has came from female energy but also the indigenous native American tribes of North america as well as all indigenous tribes around the world. 

In short, The world will continue to change based on the increase of feminine energy as well as a movement to create a healthy world based on renewable energy sources. 

On the other hand, Many people are still suffering in the world. For example the people of Yemen. The suffering of these people (all people including Yemen) will no doubt leave a consequence on this earth. The tendencies for countries like USA and Russia to continue building up their military and selling and supplying war products to ravished nations in the middle east will also have a consequence. I have talked on this topic before regarding our connection to those suffering. We are all one. And we must help these people to bring harmony to humans. 

The energy consumption of the world is increasing at an exponential rate. That is, the amount of energy that society consumes is increasing more rapidly than the past. TO have processes such as agriculture, clean water, electricity, heating, gas, internet. Energy is needed. This is the basis, the fundamental source, for the functioning human society. Humans tend to consume and consume as if the source is infinite. I am currently studying master program in electrical power engineering. and this is the main concern and focus of the entire program. There is not a solution. The solution must be found by the next generation of engineers entering this trade. The bottom line is humans cannot continue on this path. There must be a change at some point in how we consume energy as a world society. 

I like the saying, the world we are given, is given to us by our children. This  perhaps could maybe make Skytigers thought of the day forum. 

A great change is in store for the world in our method of consumption and it may take negative consequences to bring it to light (like climate change) because human kind usually waits until we see the consequences to take action. 

These are some of the observations I have made about what is in store for the future. I am not trying to tell the future. I thought of these things to best see how to aim my self and own will for the future. I posted this to see the views of others on my observations. I also cannot see all. The views of others will add more of a world view for myself and others. I invite anyone to post if they have any observations for the future that I may not have said (or disagreements, or anything at all you wish to share Smile ). 

I wanted to post this in world helpers group because I find it to be relevant to the focus of the group but I was unable to find it  Tongue sorry for my laziness I put it in Upcoming global events!

Thanks for your time and may light be with all who read
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Hello Uzumaki,
You have started this post with questions as whole world is seeking answers for and then shifted and concluded on female energy. The goal of the Human kind was to nourish and save the nature as gifted by the creator, and if you are really interested to know about the female energy then you must refer to Bhagwat Gita of India to understand the real role of female energy and how it was respected and given the value in social system in India in ancient times. Though the situation is also bad in India now but to understand the balance and respect you must refer to this text. 
thanks & regards,
Pawan Grover
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Hi Pawan,
I'm also curious to know the Gita view about female energy. Can you speak a little about it?
"You mess with me, I lighten you"
Awesome Admin
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I remember mentioning about the upliftment of feminine force and creating a balance with the masculine force in the thread "The DARK SIDE OF LIGHT AND THE TRUTH ".

The good news is that the time has come when She is coming out of her shell and has begun to FEEL..

SHE has begun lifting all her veils,
And all Her fears have begun to shed
She is rising like a Phoenix
from the ash of the Dead.

SHE has begun finding back her Divine voice
Which SHE had  lost in the brutal Social Noise
SHE  has begun to trust HER Self to find ways to rejoice
And seeking to unite with the MAN of her choice...

The time has come to celebrate this Reunion and  rejoice...
And welcome the era of the Wise
There is a seed in Her womb waiting...
to be born in disguise!
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