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AIN SOTH AUR - krya - 04-22-2015


AIN SOTH AUR is a well known term in kabalah which means unlimited light.
Kabbalist explains this to be the absolute God or God non manifested. AIN SOTH AUR is life before manifestation of anything.
This is why kabblist have AIN SOTH AUR above ketter (above God manifested).

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Some spiritualist and even kabbalist see AIN SOTH AUR as the completely nothing, complete darkness or the emptiness. kabbalah translates AIN SOTH AUR as unlimited light. There is logic to all that. Allow me bring it down to lower level of understanding for the benefit of everybody.

AIN SOTH AUR is what is beyond any light, and so beyond any understanding.
Take unlimited light as a too much light. It is very well known that too much light can make you blind. we've all experienced for example that when someone have his strong car headlights on you, you are unable to see. Darkness gives the same result, doesn't it? in darkness we can't see a thing neither. So unlimited light and darkness are very close.

We can agree that most of the ancients scripts were written with so much wisdom. And wisdom is nothing but a version of light. Now you will notice that if something was written with too much wisdom, it becomes obscure, difficult to understand. It becomes occult even (darkness). Yes psychically it is true , we are in the dark when we don't understanding anything. The tempt to grasp everything at once is also like increasing too much light, the result to that is confusion or even madness Smile

Well, it is enough to give an idea of what AIN SOTH AUR is. This is a too much light for any being to grasp. If it is possible to see the AIN SOTH AUR , it would seem like seeing NOTHING for too much of light (understanding). Any being in the whole universe is bound to understand only manifested realities (visible and invisible reality). Beyond that, is AIN SOTH AUR.

Love and light.