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Notes on Unconditional Love - rael sa - 08-29-2018

greetings dear fellow cosmic travellers. i wish you Peace Mercy and Benediction of the One who is beyond name and number.

i have been blessed to receive a new teaching from my Spiritual guide. he left me around five thousand lectures about the teaching of the age of the water bearer.
however, they are in French so I have to translate what i want to share with you so please refrain the urge to be a grammar nazi. I am not an English native.. I don't even know grammar so please don't judge hehe

so what I will share is the synthesis of the teaching and the theme is unconditional Love.

now about my spiritual guide. all I know about him is that he is brother (P)

he wishes to remain anonymous because apparently, the higher beings have a thing with loving others without them knowing about them. apparently, anonymous love can buy you a lot of goods in the heavenly shopping districts.. yes there are shops in heaven.. they can trade spiritual gold gained from performing good deeds with peace intuition or wonder. did you really think we came up with the concept of shopping? hermes would say that which is below is like that which is above.

so here we go share what you read so that you can understand and apply in your cosmic adventure.

*Universal Love is what the human Soul yearn for because it gives each being the necessary conditions to his existence. unconditional Love is the reality of Life

RE: Notes on Unconditional Love - rael sa - 08-29-2018

*it is the absence of true love that is causing world suffering. that which drives man  to dedicate himself to his fellows by the spontaneous musing of his heart so that they are happy is unconditional Love.

.like the song says if you love someone you love them all the same. 

*the good disciple puts every day a new thought in his mind, a new feeling in his heart. if you can do that you will enter in the day of Love where beautiful, mighty yet kind things spring forth.

*if all that which humans do and say is penetrated by Unconditional Love, those who are sick will heal. the good mood will reign among them, harmony will become the law. yet that can only happen gradually.

*Love and Wisdom are powerful Forces. the disciple who cultivates them in his life will see his exterior and interior conditions ameliorate and change for the better

*if the Disciple loves his fellows, they will love him too. when the Eternal Principle is Loved by all, it will be life sublime. it is the collective understanding of this Eternal Principle which will establish the new cosmic culture of free and brotherly support.

RE: Notes on Unconditional Love - rael sa - 08-29-2018

*All those who have Love in themselves; have the Divine in themselves because the Divine is Love.

*the one who Loves the Divine, Loves his neighbor and Loves himself.

. I want to say something here.. the only Law that I follow is to worship the Divine and Love my neighbor like myself.
in this Law, neighbour means, in the original meaning, your twin Ray, your Other Half. it is a universal principle that each one has a one made from his self so that he can seek love and comfort in her. I even read that each book has a book to be his companion.
so first we are to love our other half like we love ourselves. once our own house is in order we are to love everyone like we love ourselves
and most importantly we are to love ourselves and be merciful to ourselves.
this was the most challenging part for me because I used to be pitiless with my mistakes until Wisdom taught me otherwise.

let's get back to the cosmic teaching...

* to love one's self means to not create bad habits, to deny the entrance of any malefic thoughts to our minds or deny the entrance of any malefic emotions in our hearts and to not make mistakes.

.here I can add that the only mistake is to not have Loved at every cost.

*the Disciple must study and it is after understanding all the sciences and arts of the heavens and earth, that he can ask what is Divine exactly ?..
the Divine is Love and this Love, the Disciple must feel within.

*the Divine didn't create the cosmos for our entertainment. the Goal of Life and the Cosmos is way grander than that. Life is a school where we can find the Divine and solve our problems through Unconditional Love.

*we are to share the goods that the Divine has given us with our fellows. our fellows are the ones who Love us. we are to be very just towards them and never try to profit from them.

.here i also want to say something. justice is not to pluck the eye of the one who plucked my eye..justice is to restore my eye that was plucked. pure and simple. so justice is actually a harmonising equilibrating force. it is never aggressive because what is good drive away what is evil without violence. goodness gracefully just cancel out evil.
so justice, in my opinion, is to heal the sick, to comfort the deserted and to restore joy and peace to widows and orphans.
here is another example of Justice..Justice is finding the most beautiful thought, the sweetest feeling,  most righteous deed, and sharing all that with everyone.
you see the facts are very simple.. the only Justice is the Justice that is accepted  by everyone. not accepted  by some, by many or by most...
agreed upon by everyone.

*the wealth of the Disciple is due to those who love him. it is Love that creates all the conditions that are favorable to success.

*when meeting certain beings, the disciple witness his affairs getting arranged. these are beings of Love. Love makes miracles, if you are sick and someone who loves you visits will get better and heal.

. you must have noticed that I use the term disciple. if I can give you a golden advice it will be to desire to be a disciple. Life can be extremely harsh on bankers designers or money profiting personnel. Life is very exigent of fathers, mothers, teachers etc. yet if one desires to be a disciple of Life, right away Life alters your destiny. right away you will be given good conditions and will live in abundance. you will gain access to the treasure house of the Akashic records and will really feel pampered and privileged. all because you decided to become a disciple.

now a disciple of Life spends an eternity learning the methods of Love, the Principles of Wisdom and the ways of Truth (here I should say that in life there are eternities that have limits and eternities that have no limit), after spending a
100 000 000 years studying the Principles that govern each solar system he can enter the path of a master. I prefer using the word professional over a master because the Only Master is the One who transcends every name and number.

RE: Notes on Unconditional Love - rael sa - 08-29-2018

RE: Notes on Unconditional Love - rael sa - 08-29-2018

RE: Notes on Unconditional Love - rael sa - 08-29-2018

RE: Notes on Unconditional Love - johngefnir - 09-04-2018

Just as darkness is the absence of light, so evil is the absence of God.
Albert Einstein.