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Hi - newbie here - Witashnah - 09-19-2019

Hi All Shy

I'm really excited to have found this forum and hope to make some meaningful connections, with like minded people.

My spiritual what you may call "wake up" or probably more like "knock over the head" happened about 4 years ago, when I moved from Joburg to Cape Town, so I'm still very new to all this.

About a year after moving to Cape town, i started getting really depressed and some really weird things started happening to me. This lead me down the rabbit hole of ghosts, spirits, religion, buddhism, conspiracy theories and what I suppose is called "new age" stuff.

I'm basically here hoping to connect with other people who are also in search of more meaning and to hopefully make some friends who are also really interested in this stuff too.  The few friends that i do have in cape town are far from interested in this stuff and most of them quite frankly think that i have gone mad Big Grin .

Not having anyone to talk to about this stuff or even sharing what i have been reading about has been quite lonely and disheartening to be quite honest.

Here's to hoping that this all turns into some great new friendships and I look forward to learning from everyone as much as I can!

RE: Hi - newbie here - Skytiger - 09-19-2019

Welcome Witashnah.
Glad you found us.

RE: Hi - newbie here - krya - 09-19-2019

Welcome Witashnah

You have all reasons to be excited to have found this forum new friend. Here you will find all like minded people, who are willing to share about the unusual stuff "Ghost, souls, ....". I guess it's good to have a place where we can express our thoughts on topics like spirits, energies... things which does affect and change our lives.

If you are curious enough, you will surely learn a lot from the old threads in this forum. And don't hesitate to questions on those existing threads, or just open a new thread of your own to question or to share your ideas and discoveries.

I also have been living in cape town for the past 15 years. Although not a permanent resident. And I'm always on the move, travelling. But I love the city mostly for its mountains and coast sea. In the past, few members of this forum and myself used to gather in the Company Gardens ( Garden in town), to share. Only recently we found an official gathering place in
<a href="">"Table View"</a>. And I still love those days when we would wake up early to go in the peak of the mountain to assist the sun rise and meditate. What I'm trying to say, there are some spiritual like minded people in cape town. Just not a lot. Maybe because the busy life style in cape town does not always give this opportunity.

RE: Hi - newbie here - Witashnah - 09-20-2019

Thanks Sky & Krya for the warm welcome!

I've already been devouring some of the content and have many questions.

I'll make some posts soon and I hope you guys will provide your insights.

Chat soon.

RE: Hi - newbie here - MOONBEARSPEAKS - 09-20-2019

Hi Witashna, great to know another one has found this forum.
There are several thousand threads and after about three years I am still finding some that I have missed. 
Everything has its time, I guess.
I've said before, I come here for my daily MSG hit.

Love and Light.

RE: Hi - newbie here - Admin - 09-21-2019

Welcome on board Witashnah Smile