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How to do Reiki - a short Video - krya - 09-25-2019

Thought I'd share this video short Reiki video with all.

Never been to a Reiki session. Thought maybe someone here could tell an experience they had with it.

RE: How to do Reiki - a short Video - Aceofcups - 09-28-2019

Hello Kyra..

been involved with being a instrument for energy healing for many years.  mostly via Therapeutic Touch (certified practitioner) and Reiki ( Reiki Master) modalities.  and checked out many other techniques over the years with individual and/or group healing sessions. ( both in person and sending out Long Distance Healing).

The main thing to me is to work on yourself ( physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) to become a clearer instrument to send Universal Healing Energies if one wants to be a healer, persay.

Being a patient and the results depends at times on the Karmic predicament of the individual involved if they get "healed" or helped or not and to what degree.... many healing techniques quiet patients enough to allow their own inner self to be part of process.   Some people say all healing is in one sense Self Healing  ( self as in one's complete being).

Many healing sessions allows the person receiving it to feel more integrated for a period of time... what one does with that experience depends on person who received it and how Karmically, out of balance, the complexes are within themselves.